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Customer Engagement Platform

The gamified customer engagement platform that rewards up to 100% cashback and boosts customer acquisition.

Surprize Me is an eye-catching, profitable and customisable customer engagement platform designed specifically for retailers. It offers a unique proposition that allows both online and offline retailers to boost customer acquisition and sales, foster loyalty and grow their customer base fast but sustainably. In addition, Surprize Me provides valuable customer data, offering deep insights into consumer behaviour.

Boost the complete customer journey
Integrated or stand-alone
Receive extended customer data


For campaigns and continuous use

Customer acquisition has never been more simple and effective, and the great thing is: They become loyal customers and turn into brand ambassadors

Create multi-channel campaigns that can be deployed online, in social media and in-store

Set up exciting campaigns that make your customers happy with every visit

Understand your customers' behaviour with real-time analytics and statistics and our monthly reporting

Boost certain products with the product boost functionality and show them to all your customers with our 93% user rate


Cross & upsell












Brand & target 

group activations


Prizes & 


Tailor-made game types

Surprize Me exerts a significant impact on the complete customer experience, spanning from promotional efforts related to cashbacks or any other reward to the utilization of rewards in subsequent purchases. However, the core element lies in gamification. We can create a diverse range of games tailored to align seamlessly with your brand. Whether you opt for our pre-existing game formats or choose to customize them entirely, we ensure they perfectly resonate with your brand identity.

Customise the layout and gamification tool
Customise the layout and gamification tool

Key features

Surprize Me not only provides customers with distinctive rewards but also incorporates features that enhance sales and foster customer loyalty through various means.

Always a reward

An incentive following each purchase that encourages a subsequent buying decision. Transform slow-selling items into fast-moving ones or boost overall sales through targeted promotions.

Product Booster

Displays specific promoted products whenever Surprize Me is used. Boosted products also enjoy an increased likelihood of winning, making it especially well-suited for sponsored promotions.

Determining number
of winners

Each promotion allows for the determination of the number of winners, providing complete control and enabling the offers to be highly specific.

Excess stock

Similar to the Product Booster in functionality, surplus inventory can be promoted. The item is showcased consistently, increasing its chances of winning.

Messaging service

Communicate with your customers via our built-in messaging service that allows you to send customised messages via email and WhatsApp

GDPR Compliant

Surprize Me complies with all EU laws and regulations regarding GDPR

Customer Data

Collect customer data down to profile level. Who are they? What are their interests? What about buying behaviour? This information and more can be found by collecting different types of customer data.

Real-time dashboard
and analytics

Real-time analytics provide instant insight into the usage of Surprize Me, which rewards have been won, redeemed a percentage of the promotions, cashback budgets and much more

Calculator to predict
the outcome

Surprize Me even has its own calculator that predicts the outcome of usage, for long-term use or during a campaign. Each promotion can be calculated in advance.
Happy customer in supermarket

Developed by proffesionals

Surprize Me was developed by our team consisting of retail marketing professionals, software architects, subject matter experts, accountants, economists and legal specialists. This ensured a comprehensive examination of the retail process from different perspectives.


The cashbacks offered by Surprize Me are self-sustaining, meaning that any margin loss is offset by the promotions won in addition to the cashbacks. Moreover, both the visit frequency and average value of shopping carts increase along with the inflow of new customers. Exclusive redemption of rewards on repeat purchases inherently guarantees customer loyalty.

eVouchers are automatically stored in our secured online wallet

All rewards are distributed in digital eVouchers, usable from the following day. These eVouchers are securely stored in the customer's personal web wallet.


Customers can easily access their web wallet by scanning a generic QR code or by using their email address or phone number. Periodically, customers receive a personalized reminder and an overview of unredeemed eVouchers.

Voucher saved in an online wallet


Surprize Me can seamlessly integrate with POS software through APIs, but it is also capable of standalone usage. When used as a standalone, there is an option for a semi-integration where cashbacks and promotions are entered into the POS system as promotions. In this scenario, we incorporate QR codes or barcodes on the vouchers, aligning with your system, and facilitating easy scanning and recognition by your POS software.
Surprize Me is integrated with Shopify
Surprize Me is integrated with Bizfront
Surprize Me is integrated with Centhur
Surprize Me is integrated with Voucherify
Surprize Me is integrated with Microsoft Dynamics
Surprize Me is integrated with WooCommerce
Surprize Me is integrated with Adyen
Surprize Me is integrated with Briq
Surprize Me is integrated with Hubspot
Surprize Me is integrated with Trustly
Surprize Me is integrated with SumUp

Statistics & Analytics

Of course, you desire immediate and real-time insights into the contributions Surprize Me makes to your business. The backend dashboard delivers instant answers, covering aspects such as cashbacks, promotions linked with cashbacks, the issuance and utilization of QR codes, and detailed information on how customers have redeemed their prizes, specifying the location and timing.

Product stock


Full budget

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