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Food & Beverage


With Surprize Me, every customer stands a chance to win enticing cashbacks of 25%, 50%, or even 100% on their entire purchase. If a customer doesn't secure a cashback, the reward comes in the form of a financial benefit during a subsequent purchase. All rewards, including cashbacks, can only be redeemed in future transactions.


Surprize Me serves as the premier customer engagement program for food retail businesses. Its unique combination of cashback rewards, loyalty perks, and customer engagement generates unprecedented momentum.


Surprize Me empowers you to curate a spectrum of prizes, spanning from product offers, sales and marketing promotions, and sponsored partner deals to cross-selling, upselling initiatives, or winning tickets for specific events.


Consider the added perk of discounts during off-peak shopping times. Each promotion allows you also to determine the number of winners, enabling a predetermined group to receive discounts on their total purchase when shopping at specified times.


Furthermore, the possibilities are boundless, as Surprize Me's games are dynamic and continually evolve. This ensures that customers immediately see the potential prizes, including cashbacks, right before engaging in the game.

Surprize Me acts as the perfect bridge, providing financial benefits to customers and boosting sales and customer base for retailers.

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