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Travel industry

Upon completing a travel reservation, both online and offline customers are presented with the chance to win enticing rewards through Surprize Me, with actual possibilities of receiving 25%, 50%, or even 100% cashback. This innovative proposition sets your brand apart, eliminating any risk to its pricing image compared to competitors.


Surprize Me ensures that every customer emerges as a winner. Beyond cashbacks, it opens avenues to captivate customers with new travel experiences by providing targeted discounts for subsequent bookings. The flexibility of configuring the number of winners per offer enhances the adaptability of the platform.


Just like cashbacks, these rewards are exclusive to subsequent bookings with your company.


With the limitless number of promotions, it becomes effortlessly feasible to introduce an additional revenue stream through sponsored promotions within Surprize Me.


The platform's configurability extends to specific destinations. For instance, when a customer books a trip to a city like Barcelona, Surprize Me awards region-specific benefits, such as discounts at local restaurants, exclusive deals with car rental services, or reduced rates for visiting specific attractions.


Integration with POS systems and Web-Plugins is seamless, allowing Surprize Me to be utilized independently or in combination. This versatility enables airlines, for instance, to implement in-flight promotions, including discounts on meals, beverages, and other onboard products.


Surprize Me injects an extra layer of excitement into the entire customer journey — from the initial advertising proposition with unique cashback offers to the fulfillment of redeemable rewards earned during prior bookings.

Surprize Me acts as the perfect bridge, providing financial benefits to customers and boosting sales and customer base for retailers.

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