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Retail & E-commerce

Surprize Me rewards customers of online and offline shops with rewards after every purchase, even up to 100% cashback. All rewards are redeemable only on the next purchase, ensuring loyalty and higher retention.


Attract new and existing customers


Surprize Me influences the entire customer journey in a sustainable way. The 25%, 50% and 100% cashbacks create a shopping experience consumers won't want to miss, and because we love satisfied customers, every customer always wins a reward. If your customer doesn't win a cashback, an exclusive sales or marketing promotion, product discount or partner promotion is 1 of many other rewards and a good reason for a repeat purchase.


The cashback functionality within Surprize Me is also completely self-sufficient and requires no investment. The margin losses are absorbed within Surprize Me by the revenues from the promotions in addition to the cashbacks.


Surprize Me offers some very good reasons to buy from your brand and continue to do so.

Surprize Me acts as the perfect bridge, providing financial benefits to customers and boosting sales and customer base for retailers.

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