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Design Assets & Guidelines

Logo Download

Download our logo in both white and blue .png format.

We just ask you to please read the Logo Guidelines below.

Blue .png

Surprize Me Logo_WHITE.png

White .png

White Background .jpg

Logo Guidelines

A few rules are necessary for maintaining the integrity of the Surprize Me brand. Don’t compromise the overall look of the logo by rotating, skewing, or distorting in any way - that also includes unnecessary and unattractive text decoration like drop shadows and outlines.

Below are a few examples you should never consider while using the logo.

1. Do not rotate

Surprize Me Logo_BLUE.png

2. Do not cut off

Surprize Me Logo_BLUE.png

3. Do not change colour

Surprize Me Logo_BLUE.png

4. Do not add effects

Surprize Me Logo_BLUE.png

Brand Colours

We like to keep our Surprize Me brand feeling happy, playful and friendly by using the following colour palette. 






The font set we use keeps a balance between the Logo and the body content, the logo being more diverse asks for a bold and legible complimentary font.

Montserrat is our choice of font because it is more modern and easier to access through all platforms.

Header Text

Montserrat Black 


Montserrat Semi Bold 

Main Text

Montserrat Regular

All documents are downloaded as ZIP files. 

Not sure how to open the document? Click here

Not sure how to download the font files to your computer? Click here

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