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Creative Services

Whether you are a start-up company or a full brand, we've built custom packages for your goals and needs.
Stand alone
Recommended for short campaigns and events. Our stand-alone solution can get you started within one day and lets you hand out any kind of prize by using any phone or tablet
Start boosting tomorrow
Unlimited campaigns
No integration
Free marketing materials
Analytics dashboard
Most recommended
Fully integrated
The 'Normal' package is the most recommended for your business. When fully integrated with your POS system, customers only need to scan the custom QR code on the  receipt after any purchase
Standard, web-hook and API integration
Unlimited campaigns
Dedicated account manager
Integrated with mobile application
Semi integrated
We recommend for short campaigns and events. Our plug 'n Play solution can get you started within one day, and run unlimited campaigns
Start promoting tomorrow
Unlimited campaigns
No integration
Free marketing materials
Analytics dashboard

We work with

JYSK, customer of Surprize Me
Mothercare, customer Surprize Me
Miniso, customer of Surprize Me
Anici Pharmacy, customer of Surprize Me
We are a tech, digital and creative agency in one
  • Creative Advertising and Marketing Services
    Surprize Me originated from the expertise of globally recognized marketing and advertising professionals, boasting a rich history of success in the international marketing and advertising realm. This guarantees not only valuable guidance on utilizing Surprize Me but also ensures that a team of adept individuals is dedicated to devising solutions for our clients' challenges. Within the framework of Surprize Me, we craft compelling campaigns that become the talk of the town, encompassing target group activations and comprehensive (sub)brand concepts. Our innovative solutions generate the attention our clients deserve, effectively enhancing traffic, sales, and customer retention.
  • Campaign Management
    Our campaign managers oversee campaign planning and execution, focusing on defining objectives, identifying target audiences, allocating budgets, crafting marketing messages, selecting effective channels, developing creative assets, implementing plans, monitoring analytics, adjusting strategies based on data and reporting campaign performance.
  • Customer Experiences
    We design brand experiences for retailers and FMCG companies across the entire customer journey, from acquiring customers to increasing sales, all supported by a seamless retention policy. Our service design expertise ensures smooth and customer-centric experiences throughout this journey. In addition to generating substantial customer data at profile level, we leverage this data to implement marketing automation capabilities. This allows us to personalize interactions at every touchpoint. Moreover, we elevate user experiences by incorporating visually stunning user interfaces that captivate and engage customers.
  • Growth Marketing
    Surprize Me is tailored for Growth Marketing, with a focus on enhancing Traffic, Sales, and Retention by accelerating the entire customer acquisition and retention process. The strategy relies on data-driven decisions, experimentation, and a user-centric approach. Core elements encompass full-funnel optimization, scalability, performance metrics, integrated marketing channels, and a dedication to customer retention. Our approach underscores agility and continual adaptation, aiming for sustainable business growth.
  • Sustainability
    Incorporate ethical and ecological considerations into your business for long-term success. Sustainability plays a vital role in shaping your business strategy, branding, and marketing. Why? It ensures the ongoing relevance of your brand or business and positions you ahead of potential future regulations. It serves as your pathway to greater impact, attracting more talent, building a larger fan base, and fostering overall business improvement—a formula for positive growth.

For continuous or campaign use

Surprize Me serves as a user-friendly, gamified customer engagement platform designed to boost traffic, sales and retention, making it an effective tool for campaigns or continuous utilisation.

Its captivating approach offers a distinctive value proposition, resulting in the expansion of the customer base, increased turnover, heightened retention, and the cultivation of brand ambassadors who actively promote your brand or store.

  • Expand customer base

  • Increase turnover

  • Increase loyalty and retention

  • Increase shopping basket value

  • Increase turnover rate

  • Pay per use

  • No upfront investment

  • Extend customer data

Vouchers are saved in the Surprize Me Online Wallet

Adding value to your marketing funnel

Regardless of your marketing challenges, Surprize Me ensures effective performance across a range of marketing objectives.

Brand Awareness
Featuring an exclusive proposition of a tangible opportunity for 25%, 50%, and even 100% cashback on the entire purchase, you possess an advertising message that resonates and instantly establishes a preferred position in the minds of consumers.

Start surprising your customers

We are eager to provide you with additional details about our product. Feel free to reach out via email using the provided contact form, or schedule a meeting with one of our specialists to learn about our strategies for boosting traffic, increasing sales, and enhancing customer engagement.

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