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JYSK, customer of Surprize Me


Jysk is an international home furnishing store with Scandinavian roots, offering convenient solutions to furnish any room in the home and garden. Jysk currently operates two medium-sized stores in Malta.

The case:

In the initial campaign for Jysk, Surprize Me generated 840 cashbacks within a month. This led to a remarkable 51% of customers making a return purchase within the same period. Among these transactions, approximately 10% received a cashback, while the remaining 90% were rewarded with various promotions.


Given that this was a soft launch, minimal marketing communication was employed, limited to just two social media posts. Despite this, the result was an organic sales growth of +20%.

Surprize Me Jysk Gamified Wheel of Fortune


51% of customers made a return purchase

+20% growth in sales

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