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Together with retailers, Surprize Me creates an unparalleled shopping experience that immediately leads to higher sales, increased loyalty and an influx of happy customers.

Unique Cashbacks 25%, 50% & 100% Self-sustaining Cashbacks with Surprize Me
User rate 
POS integrated
and scalable
Reward after
every purchase

Effective, fun, profitable and unique

At Surprize Me, we put smiles on the faces of your customers. To do this, we have built a unique customer engagement platform that rewards customers, even up to 100% cashback on their purchases.  This attracts many new, existing and former customers and increases customer acquisition, retention and average basket value. And by making the rewards redeemable only on their next purchase, they stay loyal to your brand. Simple and effective.

Surprize Me is sustainable, self-funding and even organically profitable. Get in touch for more information.
Gamified, effective and profitable for all retail shops
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"We have never seen so many smiles on our customer's faces"

"When we started to plan our most extensive campaign of 2022, we became obsessed with this fantastic tool named Surprize Me. We had to do a fast and coordinated project to implement it in our structure. But our efforts led us to success. We have never seen so many smiles on our customer's faces than in the last 1 month. And eventually, we were able to celebrate the winner of our grand prize.

It was amazing!"


JYSK, customer of Surprize Me
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Continuous use 
or campaign use

Surprize Me serves as a user-friendly, gamified customer engagement platform designed to enhance both sales and loyalty.


Easy to win and redeem

First purchase

Customers scan the QR code on the receipt or tablet on- or offline


Customers play the web-based customised game to see the prize won

Next purchase

And easily redeem on a next visit from the next day onwards


We just make people happy

Retail & Ecommerce
An exclusive and lucrative offer that immediately captivates consumers, giving your brand a preferred position in their minds. 
Food & Grocery Retail
In the realm of food retail, every penny is crucial for the consumer, and each customer holds significant value for the retailer. 
Travel Industry
Surprize Me disrupts the conventional notion of a 'good price deal' by offering its unique approach. 
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Product Level
In no time, Surprize Me creates awareness and preferred positioning around product lines. Before the start of a campaign, our dynamic QR codes are delivered and incorporated into product packaging.

We work with

JYSK, customer of Surprize Me
Mothercare, customer Surprize Me
Miniso, customer of Surprize Me
Anici Pharmacy, customer of Surprize Me

Start surprising your customers

We are eager to provide you with additional details about our product. Feel free to reach out via email using the provided contact form, or schedule a meeting with one of our specialists to learn about our strategies for boosting traffic, increasing sales, and enhancing customer engagement.


Surprize Me Office

Level 4, The Penthouse, Suite 2, Ewropa Business Centre, Triq Dun Karm

Birkirkara, BKR9034, Malta (EU)

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