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Product Level

Boost sales and retention on a product level

A unique campaign that rapidly drives sales and retention. A percentage of customers receive 25%, 50% and 100% cashback on their purchase, while others win cross- and upsell promotions that cover the margin loss for the cashbacks and even make it a profitable campaign.


The cashbacks and cross- and upsell promotions can only be redeemed on a subsequent purchase.  In addition, any promotion can be added and since you can set the number of winners with each promotion, you can also easily add grand prizes.


Our creative team or your partner advertising agency can support you in creating unique campaigns that turn customers into ambassadors after winning a cashback or other fun prize while increasing loyalty through a guaranteed next purchase. You decide the number of winners per prize, in addition to cashbacks.

Surprize Me acts as the perfect bridge, providing financial benefits to customers and boosting sales and customer base for FMCG companies.


So, determine the promotions and prizes and develop rock-solid gamified campaigns that offer customers financial benefits and fun and excitement.


Contact our team for an accurate case approach and an upfront calculation so you know exactly what Surprize Me can do for your product line.

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